The Fastest Path to Accepting PIVX is the fastest path to accepting PIVX payments at your business or even on the run. Best of all - YOU keep 100% of the payments. After all, you work hard and you earned it!

Try App Now! is currently in development. Some features work as expected!

Easy Setup

Enter your PIVX receiving address and the web app is ready to start accepting PIVX payments. Load it on your phone, tablet, or PC. Optionally, set language, currency, and enable tipping option.

Did I mention - No KYC/AML

Lightning Fast

Extremely low bandwidth! All settings plus 99% of the web app lives/runs on your device. App only connects to our server for inital loading, current PIVX price, QR code generation, and payment status.


Your wallet is never "HOT" and it need not be running in the background. In fact, you don't even need the wallet software on your receiving device. Accept PIVX to an offline wallet, hardware wallet, even a paper wallet. Gone are the days of unlocking your wallet in front of customers.


PIVX: Private – Instant – Verified – Transaction(Tx) is an MIT licensed, open source, blockchain-based cryptocurrency with ultra fast transactions, low fees, high network decentralization, and Zero Knowledge cryptography proofs for industry-leading transaction anonymity. Learn more by visiting
You can, but. . . Several factors to consider, you wallet may need time to sync. You may not want your wallet on the employee terminal. Unlocking wallet in front of customers in not safe.
Currently, the only way to reset app is to clear browser local storage. Search internet for instructions for your particular browser.